Where Do I Submit Music for Licensing?
Music Licensing and Submission How To Guide

Music licensing is a highly competitive area of the music business, but everyone deserves a fair shot. All music licensing opportunities on Broadjam are prepared to take every musician that wishes to be considered, making it a good playing field for all. Every day on Broadjam you can find over 100 music licensing opportunities to your music, covering every style and genre.

Our music licensing submission mechanism is completely transparent. You submit your songs and track choosing one making process: see when your song is heard, when your profile is viewed and find out which songs are selected or involved for each project. When your song is not licensed to get a project, but another Broadjam member was, we’ll give you a hyperlink to that song to help you hear what song was licensed to help you learn from the process. All music licensing submissions is going to be heard by the person providing the chance before they make a final decision - we promise this or your submission fee is going to be refunded.

Thousands of our members have benefited in the many services and features on Broadjam, but it’s still a very competitive market. In that heart, we want you to be aware of what is involved inside licensing submission process.
All songs submitted are presented to and listened to by the opportunity company; we guarantee this or your account will be credited.

Although Broadjam is one of the primary sources of music for the opportunity providers who work with us, we are not the only person. Providers source music with numerous suppliers and we cannot guarantee that a Broadjam artist will be selected for each opportunity. We screen our providers in support of those with credible backgrounds will post an opportunity on Broadjam.

Each opportunity has fine print that you must agree to before submitting songs with regard to consideration. Be sure to read the terms for each opportunity before submitting. As the owner of the song, you enjoy the right to decline any offers created by the provider. If you have any questions about the terms please feel absolve to contact us.

Providers always have access to your submissions and can easily come back to license a song that was submitted even to another project in the previous. In other words, your submission could get selected by the provider in the future for a different project. It’s always a matter of timing - matching the proper song with the correct project.

Music licensing is a competitive area of the music business and the majority of artists who participate will see their fair share involving rejections, but landing the right placement can make most of the hard work and endurance worthwhile. Remember to read the criteria for any opportunity carefully and feel absolve to ask us questions along the way.

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